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Q: How do I place a verticalaffiliation's banner campaign on my website / blog / forum?

A: Once you signed up and logged into your personal panel you need to click on "Campaigns" in order to access available campaigns with respective commission payouts. On chosen campaign click "banners" and then scroll down to select what banner best fits your website based on region, category, dimensions, design and color (also use filter on top left). Once seleted banner that fits best click under banner "get banner script". Copy and paste the whole script directly within your website's HTML. or within your blog and forum's specific commercial spaces. That's it!

Q: How to select the right banner?

A: Having the right banner on your website can result in higer performance with better commission and at the same time bringing better traffic to the client! Inside banner section, on the left you will see a small menu. Open it and find that banners are devided by cities. If your website is focused on a specific city, it is importnant that you will add banners related to your city. If no banner exists for your specific city please contact us at info@verticalaffiliation.com and we will produce them. Within those cities there will be subcategories like "look for a woman" or "gay partners". it is also important that the category fits your website's content.

Q: What do I do if there is no banner for my region, or that fits my website?

A: Fell free to contact us at info@verticalaffiliation.com and we'll be happy to take a look at your website and suggest you the right banner and where to place it. Or even create new banners specific for your website's region / category and dimension!

Q: When do I get paid for my earned commissions?

A: We pay the 10th of each month once surpassed the minimum 50 Euro commission goal. If for example April 30th you have earned more than 50 euro commission, May 10th we will pay you 50 euro through your payment tool of choice.


What we do best


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Dating Affiliation

Finding and connecting adult dating websites in a mutual beneficial partnership is our primal goal. Our network is the place to trade quality adult dating traffic.

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Traffic generation

Every day we drive adult traffic to other adult websites from èremium selected publishers. See your traffic grow and decide what form of tracking from CPC,CPM, CPL or CPA.

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Lead generation

Leads are what make every good business-owner happy. We can provide that: lead generation through a CPL or even acquisitions with our CPA tracking system.

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and more...

These are just few of the services we provide. Contact us directly to know more.