Vertical Affiliation Services


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is our main service. Joining our program as Advertiser you can expand your network, and as a publisher you can start earning a passive income.


eMail Marketing

eMail is a great tool to stay in contact and communicate with clients about what is happening at your business. Specials, offers, updates, our email Marketing campaigns can help your website increase popularity.


Lead Generation

More leads is what every company wants. Let us produce leads for you. See you client portfolio grow and expand your business. We produce the leads your business need!


Article Marketing

Content si King. Have you heard that already? Article Marketing injects your website with unique fresh content, communicating your company's ideas, building incoming links, while helping your website SEO as well.



Not every client need the same tools. Different campaigns for different needs and budgets. Chose what is best for you or ask us what works best for your website.


Client Relationship

Today more than even is important to know that one can rely on a solid and trustworthy partner. We work to build effective and lasting Client - Supplier relationships where both parties can gain from.


What we do best


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Dating Affiliation

Finding and connecting adult dating websites in a mutual beneficial partnership is our primal goal. Our network is the place to trade quality adult dating traffic.

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Traffic generation

Every day we drive adult traffic to other adult websites from èremium selected publishers. See your traffic grow and decide what form of tracking from CPC,CPM, CPL or CPA.

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Lead generation

Leads are what make every good business-owner happy. We can provide that: lead generation through a CPL or even acquisitions with our CPA tracking system.

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and more...

These are just few of the services we provide. Contact us directly to know more.